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Focused expertise on dental practice sales

Selling a Practice

Our extensive market experience will get you organized to sell and bring buyers to the table at the right price. Understand the value of your practice by starting with an Appraisal from PTG

Buying a Practice

Our listings are pre-screened by lenders and underwritten by a professional team of dental, financial, and legal professionals.

Group Practices

We specialize in driving value across a location portfolio and matching buyers to ideal opportunities.

Our Transitions Team

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Selling Your Dental Practice

Get a Broker's Appraisal

You'll get an assessment from our full team on what price and terms your practice is likely to command in the current market.

Get Prepared

No matter the reason for selling your practice, adequate preparation leads to a less time on the market and higher multiples.

We Can Get You There

We’ve sold dental, speciality, and group practices across the US.. We’ll prepare your business for sale and get you into the next phase of your life.

Always Confidential

We protect the value of your business. All potential buyers are put under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and access to information is tightly controlled and monitored.

What's Your Timeline?

Short Timeline

When it’s time to move fast, we leverage a ready pool of buyers across multiple practice types and patient profiles to help you sell quickly.

Longer Timeline

We’ll guide you through the process of transitioning your practice and help you prepare for selling your practice when the time is right.

What to Expect When Buying a Dental Practice

Understand Your Budget

Speak to a lender early in your search. Many sellers won’t consider offers from buyers who don’t have a clear understanding of what they can afford.

Defining Your Target Practice

Buying the perfect dental practice requires an upfront understanding of what cash flows will support your loan and which location and practice size will support your goals.

How Long Does Buying a Practice Take?

Although negotiating and buying a dental practice only takes 4 to 12 weeks, carefully matching the best buyers and sellers adds time to the process.

Current Dental Practice Listings

Group Practice Sales

Who is Buying?

Buyers of group practices often look for alignment of business fundamentals over strict financial performance to determine what they are willing to pay for your group practice. We leverage our network of DSOs, large group practices, and private equity groups to create as large of a market as possible for your group practice.

Telling Your Story

We attract the best buyers for your group by compiling the right mix of marketing material to help them understand your group’s journey and the value it now represents.

Expert Negotiation

We dig to understand what matters to parties on both sides of the table. Our creative problem solving can overcome sticking points and ensure both buyers and sellers are comfortable with moving forward.