Diana Kosbergenova

Financial Analyst

Diana Kosbergenova grew up in Astana, Kazakhstan, surrounded by a family deeply rooted in finance. Her early exposure to the world of numbers, combined with a love for languages and a curious mind set the foundation for her future. Diana pursued her undergraduate education at the prestigious Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, shaping her expertise in financial matters.

Before joining Practice Transitions Group, Diana honed her skills in the real estate, construction, and property management sectors. She started as a bookkeeper and staff accountant, providing invaluable services to small businesses in the retail and real estate domains. 

At Practice Transitions Group, Diana serves as a pivotal member of the diligence team, spearheading the review of client financial statements. Her forte lies in preparing detailed analyses and reports, which she discusses and presents to the team, clients, buyers, and other transaction stakeholders. 

In her personal time, Diana loves exploring diverse cultures through travel. Having lived in China and visited various countries across Asia and Europe, she cherishes the insights gained from understanding the similarities and differences that connect us all.