Know Before You Go: Tips for The Medical Spa Show

Practice Transitions Group attended and exhibited at the Amspa conference this past year in Las Vegas, also known as The Medical Spa Show 2024.

As someone in the aesthetics industry, attending industry conferences keeps you in the know. In that spirit, we attended the Medical Spa Show 2024, and here’s our take: You should go.

This goes for all industry personnel. MedSpa marketing, MedSpa software, MedSpa equipment, and of course, MedSpa owners. If you’re in aesthetics – especially if you’re a MedSpa owner – the AmSpa conference should be on your list for next year.

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We had the opportunity to exhibit at the Medical Spa Show this year. So our insights have been broken down for:

  • Industry exhibitors at the show, AND
  • Attendees – AmSpa members, MedSpa practice owners, dermatology practice owners, industry personnel

Read on for our reflections, tips, and best practices.

Exhibiting at The Medical Spa Show

exhibitor display at medical spa show las vegas

1. Organize 

Proper organization is key for exhibitors. Planning ahead for every aspect, from move-in to move-out, can make a significant difference. Remember to pack essential items that anticipate issues during booth set up or tear down. It may seem obvious, but when you’re worried about the exhibitor booth materials, swag, and 1000 copies of your company flyers.

Extras to throw in the trunk:

  • Packing tape – more than you think
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters

These often overlooked tools are essential for setting up and dismantling your booth in the exhibitor hall – which is much like a construction zone during booth setup and tear-down.

Another note on organization as an exhibitor:

Bring a plastic file folder. You will likely have various paper materials / assets related to your company. Whether they’re internal or external documents, it benefits you to keep them ALL organized. Scrambling for an extra handout – but not the one you just grabbed, and not the one under the stack you swore you put in the trunk – is the last thing you want to worry about as attendees walk up to your booth. If you’re still using paper like some of us, make the handling process seamless by going old school. Bring a plastic accordion file folder or dig up your largest 3-ring binder and use it to organize all of your internal and external documents for the conference.

Maybe you separate by usage or file in alphabetical order—either way, know where your company materials are at all times. It WILL save you. We even suggest typing up a quick table of contents if you are filing everything in one place. Bonus if you add dividers, plastic sleeves, and any other binder organization bells and whistles.

Everyone on your team will be able to find any paper asset at any time. Not just the person who printed and packed the copies for the conference. 

2. When in doubt, Write it down

We can’t emphasize the importance of taking notes and writing down questions. As an exhibitor, you’re constantly engaging with attendees and even other exhibitors. You’re likely very present in the moment, but taking note of these reflections and questions ensures you can remember them post-conference.

This doesn’t have to look like you stopping in the middle of talking to a MedSpa owner to write down what they just said. It can be you have the notes app available on your phone for any key points that stick with you. Jotting it down a sheet of paper. Or Consider bringing a small notebook and have it be your conference notebook.

Questions, thoughts, and conversations you are having and hearing during the conference are insightful and valuable. There is so much real-time industry learning and discussion going on around you at all times. Capture what resonates with you so you can remember it once you’re back at your desk on Monday.

Attending The Medical Spa Show

medical spa show 2024 amspa conference stairs to exhibit hall

Note: we find the following applies to attendees of the AmSpa conference as well as exhibitors.

Short and sweet, here’s what we think attendees need to know:

  • Download the AmSpa Medical Spa Show App ahead of the show. No, really #NotSponsored
  • Bring walking shoes – even if you’re team stilettos all the way. To say they’re good to have is a massive understatement
  • Attend the learning sessions throughout the conference. Even if you forgot to reserve a spot.

1. Download the Medical Spa Show App. No, really.

When you register for the AmSpa show, you’ll find information about the medical spa show app. It becomes available for download weeks before the show, so try to go into the conference with it already downloaded on your devices to avoid any hiccups.

The Medical Spa Show app streamlines connecting with other attendees and exhibitors. It allows for efficient badge scanning and contact management and provides essential conference information, such as event notifications and maps before, during, and even after the conference. We found it immensely useful. Familiarize yourself with it and use it actively throughout the conference for maximum efficiency and connection-building with other attendees. We used it for X, Y, and Z.

2. Walking Shoes 

Or just a pair that you deem comfortable. Walking makes up more of the conference than you expect. This year’s venue spanned X square feet and multiple floors, and it’s hard to conceive of that space when you’re packing a carry-on and need to appear professional and polished each day. When you think of how much you’ll walk, go ahead and add 30,000 more steps. Just kidding. But seriously, the walking is no joke. Find the map of the conference venue here. You’ll won’t just hit your daily step goal, you’ll pass it.

Corridor at amspa conference

3. Attend Learning Sessions 

Attend the learning sessions as you’re able to do so. Maybe you didn’t reserve your spot at the Lunch n Learn, but you can pop into SO many other sessions. There are opportunities to attend learning sessions every day, multiple times a day, throughout the entire conference. We recommend going into each day knowing what you’d like to attend and having a general idea of the direction you’ll need to walk in to get to your next session. That’ll help you avoid walking to one side of the conference only to realize your session is across the resort and starts in three minutes.

The learning sessions will be informative for you, and allow you to take a wealth of industry knowledge, stories and other perspectives home with you. Bring the conference notebook we suggested and write down anything that resonates with you during the session, insights, questions, or anything you don’t want to forget.

Medical Spa Show learning session at amspa conference las vegas

In Summary,

Our experience at the AmSpa Medical Spa Show 2024 was both enriching and educational. We were able to make the most of the conference – gaining deep insights into our clients’ needs, building meaningful industry connections, and bringing back valuable knowledge to our team.

We look forward to the AmSpa Medical Spa Show 2025. These events are not just about showcasing your business; they are about evolving, adapting, and thriving in the dynamic MedSpa industry. For medical spa owners, attending these conferences is crucial, not only for immediate business growth but also for long-term strategic planning.

Whether you’re looking to expand, improve operations, or even prepare for a potential sale in the future, the insights and connections gained at shows like this one are essential.

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