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Are you considering a sale or partnership with your MedSpa? Curious about your Medspa growth? Then you’re in the right place.  Practice Transitions Group offers a free tool that allows you to calculate the value of your MedSpa with ease, and it takes just a few minutes. You’ll then receive a confidential, customized PDF of your results right in your inbox. Below, we give you the rundown on how to utilize our MedSpa Valuation Calculator.

MedSpa Valuation Calculator Breakdown

Calculating how much your MedSpa is worth in today’s medical spa market benefits you as an owner, whether you’re set on selling your MedSpa or in the early stages of exploration regarding the future of your office. Find our step-by-step instructions to uncover your MedSpa valuation here:  

Section 1

Practice Information

Once you’ve landed on the MedSpa Calculator page, click “Get Started Now” or simply scroll down to kick off your valuation. You’ll use the dropdown menu under “Practice Information” to provide insight into your MedSpa reputation and size in the medical aesthetics market. Use the dropdown menus to indicate the following:

  • Number of Locations
  • Interior Finish and Decor
  • Current Average Online Review (Google, Yelp, etc…)
  • Number of Online Reviews

Click Next.

Section 2

Practice Production and Approximate Service / Product Breakdown

In this step, we take a high-level look at productions. You’ll give us your Approximate Yearly Revenue and indicate the Approximate Services/Product Breakdown. Here, you’ll approximate the percentage of your MedSpa revenue by category, including the percent of revenue from:

  • Injectables
  • Body Contouring, Fat reduction, etc
  • Laser, Light, etc.
  • Product and Retail Sales
  • Dermatology and/or Plastic Surgery Services
  • Other Sources (Hair, Wellness, Massage, Vein, Makeup, IV, etc…)

We know what private equity groups are looking for when it comes to Medspa growth. This breakdown gives us a picture of which groups might be looking for the services that you provide the most.

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Section 3


This is where you’ll provide us with information regarding your MedSpa providers, ranging from doctors to injectors. Our calculator makes this simple by asking three high-level questions:

  • How many MD/DO providers are in the office?
  • How many full-time (or full-time equivalent) injectors are in the office?
  • How many other providers (laser techs, estheticians, etc) are in the office?

Valuation Document Customization

You’re almost done! This is the final step to receive your confidential, customized MedSpa valuation results. Use the dropdown menu under “Packet Type” to indicate the document type you’d like to receive in your inbox. Choose the best option for you based on where you are in the process of selling or partnering with your MedSpa.

  • Comparison with an offer I already have
  • Contemplating a sale in the next five years
  • Legal proceedings, a partnership buy-in/out, etc…
  • Financial, estate, and retirement planning

Be sure to fill in the preferred email address of where you’d like us to send the valuation packet. You can also provide the name of your MedSpa and /or your name. Click the “Generate and Send” button, and you’re officially done! You will promptly receive the valuation packet you requested straight to your inbox.

The Last Step is Your Starting Place

Now that you’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to use our MedSpa Valuation Calculator, go find out how much your MedSpa is worth! This will be the first step in getting a better scope of where your MedSpa sits on the medical spa market and what that means for you.

Don’t want to wait? 

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