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DSOs and PE groups look for many financial indicators, one of which is revenue over $2MM. Fill out our valuation estimate calculator to find out if you make the cut.

...I received a price for the practice I could not have imagined…”

“Thomas and his team held our hand and led us through what is admittedly a very complex process. We received around 10 offers and with Thomas’ help, narrowed the list down to 3 offers from groups and individuals that he knew were philosophically aligned with my vision for a transition. It became very apparent during my meetings with the principals of these 3 groups that they respected Thomas and his intense advocacy for his clients. In the end, I received a price for the practice I could not have imagined, I am enjoying continuing to do what I love, and my staff has been well taken care of. True to form, after the sale, Thomas continues to check in with us.”


Questions our clients are asking about DSOs

A Dental Service Organization (DSO) is an independent business support center that partners with dental practices to provide critical business management and support to dental practices, including non-clinical operations. They are the fastest-growing segment of the dental market. 

Typically DSO dental groups structure practice ownership via a doctor entity (owned solely by a dentist) which owns the patient records and another corporate entity (the DSO entity) which owns all of the tangible assets of the practice (like equipment, furnishings, marketing collateral, lease, etc.) and ultimately controls the net cash flow (EBITDA) of the practice. The exact structure and breakdown vary from group to group.

Sophisticated DSOs leverage their centralized infrastructure to support their partner offices from a business/administrative perspective while allowing the doctors to maintain their clinical autonomy.

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