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Dr. Jackson Booth, DDS

Dr. Booth

Practice Transitions Group found us a great partner and negotiated a very strong price for my group of offices. For the entire process they were responsive, great communicators, and well organized. We had offers from multiple groups, but the prices and structures were all over the map. Thomas really helped get us a great price and a great partner.”

Selling a Group Practice?

We’ve sold several mid-sized group practices to corporate buyers, and we have the right team to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. For group practices in particular, finding the right DSO partner or buyer can unlock tremendous value for you as a seller. You deserve a team that will maximize the sale price and terms of your business while keeping the transaction as smooth as possible.

We Know DSOs

We've worked with DSOs all across the country, including Dental Care Alliance, Smile Brands, Western Dental, MB2, Surge Equity, Heartland, and many many more. The corporate buying pool is constantly shifting and evolving with dozens of new names emerging every year and each offering their own unique deal structures to the market. Let us review your DSO offer, share our experience, and give you insight into the current state of the market.

Dr. Mike Majors

Dr. Majors

Practice Transitions Group is an Extremely Professional Group.  They brought me many offers in a short period of time and found me an excellent buyer that made for a smooth transition. They also negotiated an exceptional price. He and his Team work together efficiently so that you get a quick, stress-free close”

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Meet the PTG Team

Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen, Founder

Lead Broker

David Williams, MBA

David Williams, MBA

Business Analysis, Financial Modeling

Katie Francois

Katherine Francois

Marketing and Underwriting Lead

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A Dental Service Organization (DSO) is an independent business support center that partners with dental practices to provide critical business management and support to dental practices, including non-clinical operations. They are the fastest growing segment of the dental market. 

Typically DSOs structure practice ownership via  a doctor entity (owned solely by a dentist) which owns the patient records and another corporate entity (the DSO entity) which owns all of the tangible assets of the practice (like equipment, furnishings, marketing collateral, lease, etc.) and ultimately controls the net cash flow (EBITDA) of the practice. The exact structure and breakdown varies from group to group.

Sophisticated DSO’s leverage their centralized infrastructure to support their partner offices from a business/administrative perspective while allowing the doctors to maintain their clinical autonomy.

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