Lauren Wheeler Joins Practice Transitions Group

Practice Transitions Group is excited to announce that Lauren Wheeler has joined the company as a Sell Side Healthcare M&A Advisor.

“I couldn’t be more excited that Lauren made the jump over here,” said Thomas Allen, CEO and Founder of Practice Transitions Group (PTG). “We are fortunate to be growing our M&A business at a rapid pace and Lauren will be able to step in and serve clients on day one. Lauren managed a large book of great banking clients while continuing to grow loan volume.  She did this by taking care of existing clients and finding solutions for new clients which is tough to balance. That’s exactly the type of person we are looking for here.”

Lauren has sixteen years of experience in middle-market commercial banking. Before joining PTG, she served as Senior Vice President with BTH Bank. She successfully managed a $150 million loan portfolio of middle-market clients, including many healthcare organizations. Before that, she spent nine years with Wells Fargo Bank’s Regional Commercial Banking Group. During her banking career, Lauren prioritized helping her clients make the best financial decisions for their businesses. Lauren has consistently been recognized by senior leadership and her peers as a thoughtful financial services provider and dynamic relationship builder.

“I have devoted my career to taking great care of my clients and helping them make strategic financial decisions. Transitioning a practice is one of, if not the most, significant financial decisions a practice owner will make in their lifetime. Trusting PTG to shepherd the transition process is a responsibility I take with great respect,” Lauren said. “I’m thrilled to join PTG because Thomas and his team have built an outstanding platform to help our clients realize an optimal reward for their years of hard work.”

Lauren received an MBA from Texas Christian University with a double concentration in Corporate Finance and Investments. She attended the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate degree. Lauren will cover the North Texas market for PTG. In addition, she will maintain an eye on individual markets from coast to coast. She can be reached at 214-973-0968 or by email at

About Practice Transitions Group

Practice Transitions Group is an innovative, technology-led M&A firm focused on the healthcare industry. Our team comprises people who love acting as a force multiplier for small businesses and the brave entrepreneurs who own and run them. We believe small businesses are at the core of the American Dream. We help doctors and healthcare groups with some of the largest financial decisions of their journeys as business owners and empower our brokers to succeed in their businesses.  Practice Transitions Group is a sell-side M&A brokerage.

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