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A practice valuation is a price that says how much a practice is "worth" in the market. 

What Does Practice Valuation *Actually* Mean?


Lauren Wheeler Joins Practice Transitions Group

The Practice Transitions Group team located an older dentist from out of state who possessed the specialized skills required to follow on with Dr. X’s work.

How to get a Medical or Dental Practice Valuation


When You Need a Certified Valuation

When dentists are looking to sell a dental practice to a Dental Service Organization (DSO), one of the most important terms they need to understand is their EBITDA. 
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Noah Jones Joins Practice Transitions Group

Dr. Robert Hendricks and Dr. Kristen Hendricks had built two successful practices over twelve years. 

What do Practice Brokers Do for Practice Transitions?  

At a high level, seller's discretionary earnings give a potential buyer a snapshot of the profitability of the practice and the money that goes directly to that buyer, which typically includes

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

As you may know from talking to a dental practice broker or this article on SDE, an "add back" is a defensible, discretionary business expense that isn't necessary for running a dental or medical practice day-to-day. 

Add Backs (and Why It’s Worth Cleaning up Your Books Before Selling a Dental Practice)

Crown Dental was founded by Dr. Emily Lee in 2005. She worked relentlessly to make it one of Houston's most well-known offices. After years of hard work, the practice had grown to nine locations, and Dr. Lee realized she wanted to take Crown Dental to the next level and provide more services to her patients.

A Dental Practice Valuation That Grew Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Wonderland Pediatric Dentistry was founded by Dr. Alice Bui as a dental start-up.

Successful Pediatric Dentist Chooses The Practice Companies as the Transition Consultants to Lead Her Sale

Pull a profit and loss statement (P&L). When you go to submit your tax return, whoever is assisting you with bookkeeping, whether it's yourself, your CPA, or QuickBooks, should have access to your P&L.

The Best Way to Sell a Dental Practice


The Question Dental Consultants Aren’t Asking That You Owe It to Yourself to Answer


Preparing Your Practice For Sale


Todd Stanley Joins MedTran Team at The Practice Group


Taylor Fyfe Joins MedTran Team at The Practice Group

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Common Practice Pitfalls that Lower Valuations

While not often discussed explicitly when searching for a location, the real estate you choose for your practice can have a significant impact on the value of your practice in a sale. 

How Your Real Estate Choices Affect Your Practice Value


Lease Assignments in a Practice Sale

You’ve put your practice on the market. You found a buyer.

What Matters in an Acquisition Offer